Page Five

The 17 December 1999 Meeting


Mac - K4PIG ex KD4GPT


June - KF4IGO


Norm - AA4FY

The 7 January 2000 Scheduled SMAH REHTO Meeting

A few years back there was a group of former SMAH attendees who decided to break away and hold their own luncheon at other places than the regular SMAH.  They called themselves "SMAH REHTO" and of course if you read that backwards it's "Other Hams".  Harry, W2IMA, was the titular head of this group and he decided to sign people up who would pledge to meet the first weekend of the year 2000 (Survivors only). 
Many people signed up and the SMAH meeting on the first Friday of January, 2000 saw these survivors at the regular SMAH meeting at the Holiday Inn in Cocoa Beach where Harry passed out certificates to the signee survivors. 


Harry - W4IMA taking the floor to announce the long awaited, but probably forgotten scheduled SMAH REHTO Meeting.


George - KC4YEW, holds up his award for the camera as his XYL - Genevieve, and Harry - W2IMA look on.                                                                                                


Diane, covering the mike so as not to be heard: "Harry ( W2IMA ) you think Dick ( W4YWA ) is wondering if he can make a buck out of that award?'
Harry: "No...he's just checking to see if we got his last name right.'

The 14 January 2000 Meeting


Jolene - Guest of Roy's


Roy - W2KTG